Privacy Policy

Savings Box Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, at Savings Box discrestion. For your information and convenience, and as notice to our Users, the date and time of each update will always appear below.

Last Updated: March 09, 2012 10:00 a.m. UTC +1

The has developed the web technology to enable businesses to interact with consumers in highly personalized ways without forfeiting the privacy of the consumer. Privacy is a critical element of Our Privacy Policy is an evolving document and as such will be updated periodically. We welcome feedback about the guidelines outlined in our policy.
We do not give, sell, rent, share, or trade any identifiable personal information regarding our members to any third party, with the exception of third-party advertisers who work with to provide our subscribed members with occasional, targeted advertisements through the site's Direct Mail system or as outlined elsewhere in this document.
We use your e-mail address to verify your identity and protect against fraud and to contact you when necessary. In addition, our advertisers may choose to occasionally send targeted e-mail to our subscribed members. These direct e-mail messages usually contain some sort of sale, special or promotion that the advertiser is offering. Please note that these messages are sent out on a periodic basis and our advertisers will select a certain segment of our member base to contact based on the demographic profile that they are targeting. If you would not like to receive these periodic e-mails, you may cancel your membership from member control panel.


1. Information requested, required and collected

Users of Savings Box agree to provide the following information: name, mailing address, phone number, email address, username, and password. Eligibility requirements for bonus(es), promotions, and/or special draws,including but not limited to any advertising or retailing opportunities, include the User providing, to Savings Box, any subsequent data that Savings Box reasonably requests for the promotion and advertising thereof; such subsequent data that Savings Box may require includes, but is not limited to, birth date, gender, marital status, education completed, household income, and number of children in household.

2. Means of Collection

Savings Box does not acquire Users through any purchase or co-registration or any distributed software known as shareware or freeware.
Savings Box Users must complete and submit a sign-up form to join. Savings Box retains the right to change this policy at its discretion.


1. Use of Information

Information submitted by Savings Box Users will be used in the following, but not limited to, ways:
(1) User E-Mail address will be sent paid advertisements, draws, and promotions and announcements and Savings Box news and promotions
(2) Any and all earnings of User shall be mailed to User's mailing address
(3) Personal information submitted by a User will determine which advertisements they receive.
(4) The use of passwords and usernames are for the User's own protection to maintain the authenticity of their Savings Box account and to restrict access only to authorized Savings Box Users.

2. Sharing of Information

Savings Box will not, under any circumstances, sell, rent, or share User information, except, but not limited to, the following:
(a) Savings Box is required under law and/or penalty to provide assistance to any legal enforcement agency
(b) Savings Box, et al, is bought by another company. All User and Company information becomes the property of the purchaser.
(c) User agrees that by selecting "co-registration" they also agree to the terms and conditions of co-registrant websites. Please see "Co-registration" below for more information.
(d) When a User is suspected of fraud, in which case we will share any and all relevant User information with all legal agencies


1. Definition

Savings Box acknowledges that co-registration may be a requirement to qualify for sign-up bonus(es) or other promotions on offer when signing up for Savings Box. Users may sign up for as few or for as many "co-registrants" as they wish. This will not in any way affect their Savings Box account.

2. Information Sharing

Savings Box strives to maintain information integrity. When a User selects a "co-registration" checkbox, the information the User has given to Savings Box MUST be shared with the co-registrant. Unfortunately, Savings Box cannot control or be held responsible for what this third party vendor does with this information.


1. For Referrals and Affiliates

Savings Box uses cookies to follow new User registration. Cookies allow us to track your new referrals and also to allow us to calculate earnings for you and our affiliates.

2. User Recognition

When a User logs on to Savings Box, a cookie is activated which remembers the User's name and password. If you wish to disable this function, (especially if sharing a home computer) simply log out of the members section and you will be required to enter your username and password every time you sign in

3. About Cookies

Cookies allow SnapDollar to maintain the integrity of your account. Be it bonuses, promotions, referrals, give-aways, credits, or special offers, Savings Box is committed to making your online user experience a constant reward. Savings Box, and only Savings Box, can see and use you cookies. Your computer is completely safe. You may opt out of Savings Box at any time you wish. But please remember, once you opt out, you are no longer eligible to receive all the rewards you have accumulated and you forfeit the right to participate in any and all current and future Savings Box prizes, promotions, give-aways and special discounts.


Savings Box provides an easy way to opt out of futre email communications. Simply login to your account, then visit the cancel section.